Crochet a Mobius Crunch


A mobius is named after a mathematician, August Mobius, and is a one-sided surface constructed from a rectangle by holding one end fixed, rotating the opposite end through 180 degrees and attaching it to the fixed end. But we know it as a scarf that Elizabeth Zimmerman "unvented". Paula's crocheted versions were developed during her "I-choose-not-to-know-how-to-knit" period, but have extended to the present because she still crochets faster than she knits, and some yarn just cries to be crocheted. Learn about the construction of the mobius scarf and some crochet stitches than lend themselves to this project. Produce some sample scarves and even design and begin a full sized scarf. .

Supply fees: List provided, handout $3.00

Prerequisites: Basic Crochet Skills