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It is 2014 Already!

 Wow, last year went so quickly. As usual, my to-do list still had things on it to do at the end of the year. It is January and time for our annual trip to Destin to Spin-In. I always look forward to the week we spend knitting, laughing, spinning and visiting with other fiber friends. We get down there and get settled and all of a sudden it is time to pack up and come home. But, for now I will look forward to the time spent down there, look forward to our traditional shopping trip to Bass Pro Shop and their "knitting accessory department", known to others as the fishing tackle department, and our Sunday lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Keep Your Eyes on this Page

Recently a friend visited my page and asked me about writing some new articles to add, so once I am home from Destin I will look in my catalog of articles and post some new ones. I think something about my recent passion for the history of cotton gins is probably in order. I will even get some photos of the new roller gin I purchased from India and talk about my experiences playing with it. I want to gin some of my cotton and spin it up and make something this year. I love cotton and haven't been spinning near enough lately. Stay tuned!

Kristina and I spent some time in the UK and in Paris!

I had a wonderful time in the UK this past Spring! I think Kristina did too. I was thinking it might be my last visit, but I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do, so here I am dreaming of another trip. I am hoping to talk a friend or two into going with me. What fun that would be!

My favorite city is still York, but Kristina loved her time in Paris and in Bath. They all have just so much to do, I can never get it all in, even with a month, I discover I want more time!

Fall Class on Indigo and next summer "Indigo Around the World" in Summer Camp at the Carlos Museum

In November I am teaching an evening of Indigo as part of the "teachers'" courses at the Carlos Museum. It will be lots of fun, and I am working on samples to give people ideas of what can be done in the classroom and in the studio. I love playing and getting ready for classes.

Next summer I will be teaching summer camp again, but will be teaching a full week of Indigo activities with examples and techniques from all around the world. What fun that will be -- baseball caps, shoelaces, t-shirts and bandanas, embroidery, kumihimo and all sorts of things to do with our indigo-dyed textiles!