Colors Anonymous - A 12-step program -

Hello, my name is Paula, and I used to hate yellow.

Step 1 - Admit that yellow is a color, and that it has its place in my palette.
Step 2 - Call on the power of the sisterhood of the guild to help restore the sanity and the completeness of the color wheel of my life.
Step 3 - Make the decision draw color from portions of the color wheel previously avoided.
Step 4 - Make an inventory of my colors, neglected and ignored.
Step 5 - Admit the exact nature of my feelings about yellows and oranges.
Step 6 - Take up the fiber and be ready to spin or dye yellow and orange.
Step 7 - Humbly ask Lois Foerster and Janet Adcock to help in the pursuit of yellow and orange.
Step 8 - Make a list of all the colors and make plans to incorporate them into something in the next year.
Step 9 - Dye Yellow in Quantity.
Step 10 - Continue throughout the new year to work a little yellow or orange into projects.
Step 11 - Seek to become one with the colors, improve my relationship with all the colors of the color wheel.
Step 12 - Realize that yellow is a perfect base for the dyeing of green and orange...
-------------------I now want to find all the different shades of yellow; but I must admit that it is so that I can create the perfect green.