DYEING IS NOT ALCHEMY! A Beginner's Guide to Theory and Methods of Natural Dyeing

Author: Heather McCloy

This book is for beginners and experienced dyers. The book discusses historical uses as well as practical methods of the dyes that were used by professional dyers throughout history and those that modern dyers use. With easy to follow recipes, a student of color can create a rainbow of yarns to use in any project.

Heather McCloy lives in Arden, NC with her small horde of pets, textile equipment and not nearly enough boxes of fiber. In the free time she wishes she had more of, she enjoys reading, gardening, research, eating chocolate, collecting owls and spiders and hunting that ever-elusive phenomena called sleep. Spinning is her obsession, but she also enjoys crochet, knitting, weaving, kumihimo and anything else that involves playing with string. She probably was a cat in a former life. She is a proud member of several notoriously fun groups, including the Peachtree Handspinners Guild, House Corvus and the Geek Patrol. She is also the founder of the Companions of the Silver Spindle (the spinning guild of the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Society of Creative Anachronism), where she enjoys sharing her addiction with others under the name Siobhan nic Dhuinnshleibhe.


ISBN: 0-9745529-0-9

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